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Construction stages (Geometry)

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2022/01/18 12:23


The Construction stages function helps to model and design the different building phases, and it helps to determine the construction process affected displacement/internal force distribution of the finished structure.

Construction stages can be defined in the Construction Stage 1585148773332-671.png  . Fill the table to generate custom construction stages, but it can be generated automatically with Generate by Storeys. Set the Initial state for every stage. If it is checked in calculation of the stage displacements will be reset, but other results will be kept.

There are two typical stage definitions:

  1. High-rise buildings, where the stages comes from the storey system.
  2. Arbitrary construction stage. In this case the whole structure will be assigned to the first stage.

After setting the stages in the Settings dialog the structural elements needs to reassigned to their respective construction stage – if it’s necessary.


There are also two options for Auto-assigning by Storey:

  • newly created
  • moved/modified elements


1585148743256-274.pngThe following example shows that when a new column is placed on a storey, and if an already placed column is moved to another storey, they will be automatically reassigned to the storey’s construction stage.


For every structural element the construction stage ID can be shown with Settings/Display/Bar/Construction Stage ID.


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