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5 (% border="1" class="table-hover" style="width:783px" %)
6 |=(% style="background-color: rgb(0, 118, 203);" %)(% style="color:#ffffff" %)Column corbel property|=(% style="background-color: rgb(0, 118, 203); width: 557px;" %)(% style="color:#ffffff" %)**Description**
7 |Icon|(% style="width:557px" %)[[image:1585051838549-668.png]]
8 |Modules where available|(% style="width:557px" %)[[image:1585051849484-186.png]] [[image:1585051874516-842.png]]
9 |Function|(% style="width:557px" %)It models corbels attached to columns.
10 |Position|(% style="width:557px" %)Horizontal, perpendicular to the local y’ or z’ axis of the column it is attached to.
11 |Geometry|(% style="width:557px" %)Straight
12 |**Cross-section**|(% style="width:557px" %)Arbitrary profile
13 |End connection|(% style="width:557px" %)(((
14 * Always rigid at the column it is attached to (Start).
15 * Arbitrary at the end point, set by the object attached to the corbel.
16 )))
17 |**Material**|(% style="width:557px" %)[[Concrete>>doc:Manuals.User Manual.Structure definition.Concrete (Material).WebHome]], [[steel>>doc:Manuals.User Manual.Structure definition.Steel (Material).WebHome]], [[timber>>doc:Manuals.User Manual.Structure definition.Timber (Material).WebHome]]
18 |Load direction|(% style="width:557px" %)Arbitrary in [[image:1585051851385-212.png]] [[image:1585051872746-162.png]]
19 |Load type|(% style="width:557px" %)All point and line load in [[image:1585051857003-729.png]] [[image:1585051870500-663.png]]
20 |Available analysis results|(% style="width:557px" %)Displacement, internal forces, stresses, stability and vibration shape in [[image:1585051853905-996.png]] [[image:1585051868897-646.png]]
21 |Alternative|(% style="width:557px" %)Can be considered as eccentricity of the load acces point on the column, or can be modelled as a short beam with the suitable end conditions and eccentricity.
22 |Default Short Command|(% style="width:557px" %)CCOR
24 **Definition steps**
26 1. Start [[image:1585054637343-930.png]] //Column corbel// command from [[image:1585054644074-294.png]] Bar component menu in [[image:1585051883824-974.png]] [[tabmenu>>path:/xwiki/wiki/femdesignwiki/get/Manuals/User%20Manual/Structure%20definition/Borehole%20(Geometry)/?sheet=CKEditor.ResourceDispatcher&outputSyntax=plain&language=en&type=doc&reference=Manuals.User+Manual.Basic+concept.WebHome&typed=true&parameters%5Banchor%5D=HTabmenus]]
27 1. Set the direction of the Column corbel. A Column corbel is always perpendicular to the local x’ axis and parallel with the local y’ or z’ axis of the column.
28 [[image:1585054655233-636.png]]
29 1. Set the properties of the new column corbel at [[image:1585054669870-652.png]] //Default settings: //
30 [[image:1585054676758-873.png]]
31 1*. //Identifier// (General)
32 The program automatically generates it, but User can define custom value. Identifier (ID and Position) number can be displayed in model view (**Display settings**).
33 1*. //Geometry// (General)
34 User can specify the followings:
35 1**. direction of the Corbel
36 1**. relative position of the Corbel compared to the column (d, e)
37 1**. length of the Corbel (l)
38 1**. position of the load application point (x, e), marked with red dot in the figure below
39 1**. whether to calculate the “d” value automatically in accordance with the Section of the column or not
40 [[image:1585054730500-103.png]]
41 1*. **Section**
42 User can set a profile from the Section library or define a new cross-section by parameters. The applied section name can be displayed in model view (**Display settings**).
43 1*. **//End conditions//**
44 In 3D modules, the end connections can be set under the //End conditions// tab. Only the released motion (arrow) and rotation (two-headed arrow) components are displayed in the model view (**Display settings**). End connections can be fully customised for bar ends by setting the rigidity of the displacement components.
45 The component directions are valid in the beam’s **local co-ordinate system**.
46 Inactive component means a fixed motion/rotation, while a checked component behaves according to the user-specified rigidity value.
47 \\[[image:1585054759226-398.png]]
48 With the „Rigid” and the „Hinged” buttons pre-defined end condition values can be applyed to the bar ends.
49 The local x’ axis always points the vertical fictitious bar end, so the start and end point position can be followed from the bar’s local co-ordinate system.
50 [[image:1585055240863-305.png]]
51 \\Only the released motion (arrow) and rotation (two-headed arrow) components are displayed in the model view (**Display settings**).
52 1*. **Material**
53 Any type of materials can be set for corbel //Analysis//. The applied material name can be displayed in model view (**Display settings**).
54 1. Place the corbel along a column by left-clicking.
56 Optional steps:
58 (% start="5" %)
59 1. Modify the Corbel properties with the [[image:1585055277757-124.png]] //Properties// tool of the //Corbel// tool palette.
60 1. Set the **display settings** of Corbel at //Settings > All > Display > Bar// similarly to [[//Beams//>>doc:Manuals.User Manual.Structure definition.Beam (Geometry).WebHome]].
61 1. Corbels are stored on “Columns” **Object layers**. At layer settings, the default color and pen width can be set for all columns and corbels.
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