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Table: Borehole properties

Definition steps

  1. If needed (and available in the current FEM-Design module), set a proper position for the working plane. In the 3D design modules, respect that the gravity direction is always the Global Z axis direction.
  2. Start 1584944438379-886.png  Borehole command from 1584944454146-917.png  tabmenu and choose 1584944460450-601.png  Define.
  3. Place a borehole. There are two way to place a borehole:
    • If “Use closest bore hole data” is checked, the borehole properties will be the same as the nearest borehole.
    • If “Use closest bore hole data” is unchecked properties of the new Borehole can be set at 1584944519443-684.png  Default settings:
    • Identifier (General)
      The program automatically generates it, but you can define custom value. Identifier (ID and Position) number can be displayed in model view (Display settings).
    • Groung Water Level (Ground water)
      Water level has effect to the design calculations. Soil and foundations which are under the water level, FD calculates with modified density.
    • Strata

Optional steps:

  1. Modify the borehole properties with the 1584944575317-262.png  Properties tool of the Borehole tool palette.
  2. Set the display settings of beams at Settings > All > Display > Soil and Foundation.
  3. The boreholes are stored on “Soil” Object layers. At layer settings, the default color and pen width can be set for all beams.
light.pngWith boreholes the user can define inclined level strata by setting the strata levels.



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