Apex propertyDescription
Modules where available1585048690706-363.png 1585048728803-724.png
Axis positionArbitrary (horizontal, vertical and skew) in 1585048697754-420.png 1585048732073-418.png
MaterialSteel, concrete, timber and general
Load directionArbitrary in 1585048703364-673.png 1585048736185-436.png
Load typeAll point and line load
Available analysis resultsDisplacement, internal forces, stresses, stability and vibration shape in 1585048710422-531.png 1585048739354-856.png
Available designTimber design in 1585048718157-380.png 1585048743976-284.png
Default Short CommandAPEX

Definition steps                        

  1. If needed (and available in the current FEM-Design module), set a proper position for working plane. In all modules, respect that the gravity direction is always the Global Z axis direction.
  2. Start 1585048771910-464.png Intermediate section from 1585048778365-218.png tabmenu and choose 1585048784688-871.png  Define.
  3. Set the properties of the new Intermediate section at 1585048794124-430.png Default setting:
    • Rounding radius (r)
      The rounding radius can be invidually set. The default value is 1.00 m and rounding the inner edge. For rounding the outer edge check the Round outer edge option on. The following figure shows the difference between rounding the inner or both edges.
      Figure: Rounding inner and both edge
  4. Select the neighboring bar element.

    Defining the correct way an apex, the following criteria has to meet:

    • The neighboring bars cross-section has to be Rectangular
    • Their Y axes are parallel and point into the same direction
    • Their material has to be the same
  5. Apex zones with their connected bars are only one physical element but it has more analytical element.
    Figure: Describing analytical and physical elements

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