Model definition and calculation

Performance Based Design is implemented in FD 13 according to Turkish code. This way the performance level of existing RC buildings can be calculated from linear analysis. To calculate Performance level of an existing reinforced concrete building, follow these steps:

  1. Set the code to “Eurocode (Seismic code: Turkish)”.
  2. Build the model in Structure tab.
    warning.pngThe columns and walls have to be defined from storey to storey.
  3. Add the loads in Loads tab.
    1. Define Gravity load combination.
    2. Define masses from loads in Load case – mass conversion dialog.
    3. Define the Seismic Load properties:
      1. Set the Structure type to Existing building, and also the Information level in Structure information tab.
      2. Define the design spectra in Spectra tab.
        light.pngThere are Standard and Unique spectra. Standard spectra are calculated according to the current seismic code. In order to define non-standard spectra the use the Unique option.
  4. Run analysis in Analysis tab
    1. Calculate Load combinations in Calculation dialog.
    2. Calculate Eigenfrequencies in Calculation dialog.
    3. Calculate Seismic analysis (Equivalent seismic load) in Calculation dialog.
  5. Define reinforcement for RC elements in RC Design tab.
  6. In Performance based design tab
    1. Set the Calculation parameters for beams, columns and walls:
      Figure: Setting the calculation parameters
      • ​​​​​​​Beams: both ends are Confined and/or Shear strengthened and/or Secondary beams

        Figure: Calculation parameters for beams
      • Columns / Walls: both ends are Confined and/or Shear strengthened

        ​​​​​​​Figure: Calculation parameters for columns and walls
    2. Start the Performance based design calculation by selecting the Design calculations under Calculations dialog.

      Figure: Design calculations


For Performance based design the following results are available to display and list:

Results for display:

  • Damage mode/zone:
    • By member
    • By member and joints
    • By member and storey drift
    • By all
  • Damage factor
  • Relative storey drift ratio
  • Performance level
    Figure: Display results

Results to list:

  • Input data
    • Beam longitudinal reinforcement
    • Column longitudinal reinforcement
    • Wall longitudinal  reinforcement
    • Beam strirrup reinforcement
    • Column stirrup reinforcement
    • Wall stirrup reinforcement
  • Results
    • Beams, fracture mode
    • Beams, damage zone by member
    • Beams, damage zone, summary
    • Strong column check
    • Columns, fracture mode
    • Columns, damage zone by damage factor
    • Columns, damage zone by drift
    • Column-beam joint shear check
    • Columns, damage zone
    • Wall fracture mode
    • Walls, damage zone
    • Building performance (Fx +Mx, Fx – Mx, -Fx + Mx, -Fx - Mx, Fy+My, Fy-My, -Fy+My, -Fy-My, summary)


Figure: List results

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