Default Short CommandLDEV

Deviation load (as point loads) can be placed automatically in the centre of gravity points of plates located on stories.

1582804849244-917.pngAutomatic deviation load generation needs storey-system in the project!

Definition steps

  1. Entering to “Load” mode, the program displays the so-called “main directions” of the current project. These main X’ and Y’ load directions are used by the automatic deviation and wind load definition. By default, the main X and Y load directions are parallel with the Global X and Y axis directions. Set the required load directions for the deviation (and wind) loads with the Change direction command (Modify menu).
    1582804849244-917.pngThe symbol of the main load directions are stored on “Main directionsObject layers.
  2. Start the 1583245004980-767.png  Deviation load command from Loads tabmenu.
    1582804849244-917.pngThe generated point loads will be inserted into load cases called “Deviation X (Generated by [Factor x Load case1] + [Factor x Load case2])” and “Deviation Y (Generated by [Factor x Load case1] + [Factor x Load case2])”. If there are no load cases with the same name in the project, the program automatically defines them for the automatic deviation load components.
  3. Select the story you would like to add deviation load to. Choose the required direction X and/or Y and positive and/or negative based on the main directions set in the 1st step. Define the required alpha h and m parameters according to the current standard. The program calculates the point deviation load value in the selected storey from the selected load cases, the storey height and the number of vertical members contributing to the horizontal force. Clicking Generate creates deviation load in the centre of gravity of the selected storey slab with the given load direction. Checking the Surface load generation instead of point force option generates surface load instead of point force.
  4. Repeat the previous step to generate deviation load in the other storey slabs. Click Close to exit from the dialog box after finishing the load definitions.

    For faster and more comfortable load definition deviation loads can be generated simultaneously for X and Y direction. Furthermore, with the “Generate All” button it is possible to create deviation loads for all storeys.


1582804849244-917.pngGenerate buttons re-defines all existing Deviation load with the default properties. That may delete previously defined Deviation Load cases.
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