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Foundation Design

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Fast check are available to find the most suitable foundation.


In 1585297807458-873.png Configuration dialog, the user can set design options, like Design Approach, soil’s Safety Factors, the load combination’s Limit state and Settlements parameters.


warning.pngIn Foundation design only Check is available, Manual design or Auto design not.

In Design approach tab, the user can select the design approach which influences the combination of effects. For more details, see Eurocode 1997-1:2006 Chapter

In Safety factor tab, the user can set the safety factors of soil properties, resistance and permanent actions.

In the Load combination tab, the user can set the limit states for each load combinations according to the selected Design approach.

In the Settlements tab, the user can set for which types of load combinations (quasi-permanent, frequent, characteristic) he wants the settlement check to be performed and define the limit values of the relative displacements and rotations. For more details, see Eurocode 1997 H Annex.

By 1585297913999-808.png  Design calculation parameter command the foundation’s calculation parameters can be set:

  1. Isolated foundation:
    • settlement limit value
    • preparation method (Cast in-situ or Precast)

  2. Wall foundation
    • settlement limit value
    • maximum distance of calculated sections

  3. Foundation slab
    • settlement limit value

    • Put additional check points for settlement calculation. These points automatically generated at the slab region’s vertices and at the joint of columns and foundation slab.

Design calculations can be done by Check command or in Calculation dialog. Under Check command the user can check either the objects or display the relative settlements.


warning.pngFor foundation slabs only relative settlements can be calculated with SLS combination. Due to this the design calculations for foundation slabs will not run the ULS combinations.

After displaying the Foundation utilization results, foundation design calculations can be seen by Detailed results command.


When choosing Display options1585298309616-717.png   the following dialog appears.

Go to…  1585298315061-680.png  command helps the user to navigate in detailed results.

1585298323896-283.png 1585298328092-285.png