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Since 2019, we have set aside development in Python in favor of C#. This is because Python is aimed towards running shorter tasks, while C# is better suited for longer, more complex programs.

 A complete Python wrapper is planned for the future, but unless you specifically want to work within the Python language, we currently recommend that you use C# instead. You can find more information about that on our C# page.

About Python


Python is a high-level general purpose language commonly used within engineering for scripting tasks. To get started with computer science and programming in python: MIT 6.0001

The python standard library contains a powerful API for working with XML files called ElementTree. ElementTree is allows its user to create, read and modify xml files - including StruXML files. ElementTree is an integral part of the FEM-Design Python API wrapper.


There are multiple ways of installing Python, but one of them is to download the installer from

Once installed, download the repository from GitHub. You can then call any program with a Command prompt (cmd): python


All our old examples of using Python with the FEM-Design API can be found here:

Examples on how to modify an StruXML script through Python can be found here:

Disclaimer: All example files, wrappers and documentation are for illustrative and educational purposes and may not interact with FEM-Design in a reliable way depending on your version, installation and content of the files. Furthermore, StruSoft won´t guarantee full support of the API functions since they are customizable by the customer.

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