The Grasshopper toolbox contains a set of functions that can be used to communicate with FEM-Design through StruXML allowing its users to create parametric models, run iterative analyses and create automated workflows.


In order to use FEM-Design API for Grasshopper you need to have Rhino with Grasshopper installed on your computer. The FEM-Design API toolbox is installed simply by placing the Grasshopper Assembly file:

in the components folder where you have installed Rhino:

  • ...\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components\

Make sure that you unblock the the file by right-clicking on it going to Properties>General>Unblock. If the file is not unblocked an error message will be prompted in Rhino when loading Grasshopper. When you restart Rhino and open Grasshopper you will find the FEM-Design API toolbox in the FemDesign tab.


Source code

The source code is open-source and is available at github:

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