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C#  is an object oriented general purpose language provided by Microsoft, running on the .NET framework. The language can be used to develop a wide array of functionalities.

Through the .NET framework, C# can utilize the LINQ (Language Integrated Query) component, which allows its user to create, read and modify xml files - including StruXML files, making it a good fit for the FEM-Design API.

image-20220510143514-1.pngC# code in the Visual Studio environment


The C# package requires a Code editor to run the code in. We suggest using Visual Studio , but any other editor which runs C# will do.

Once your editor is installed, The C# package can be installed in two ways:

  • Adding as a NuGet package. (See the package on NuGet gallery for reference)
  • Download the repository from GitHub and compile it from source.

Note that for some C# applications the setting Prefer 32-Bit might have to be unchecked for your program to work properly with this API. The package have been developed and tested for .NET Framework 4.7.2.


This webinar from February 23:rd 2022 introduces the basic concepts of the C# API:


Examples for using the API with C# can be found here:

Disclaimer: All example files, wrappers and documentation are for illustrative and educational purposes and may not interact with FEM-Design in a reliable way depending on your version, installation and content of the files. Furthermore, StruSoft won´t guarantee full support of the API functions since they are customizable by the customer.

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