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2 For years, there has been API functionality in FEM-Design through the XML format struXML. However, we have noticed an increased interest among ordinary users for automated workflows involving programming. With this, we want to lower the threshold to get started with programming together with FEM-Design. We have done this by creating simple examples that can be downloaded and followed, step by step.
4 Please check the following chapters that cover the possibilities of using FEM-Design API:
6 * [[Introduction>>doc:.Introduction.WebHome]]
7 * [[Python>>doc:.Python.WebHome]]
8 * [[Dynamo API>>doc:.Dynamo API.WebHome]]
9 * [[Grasshopper API>>doc:.Grasshopper API.WebHome]]
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14 (% class="small" %)Disclaimer: All example files, wrappers and documentation are for illustrative and educational purposes and may not interact with FEM-Design in a reliable way depending on your version, installation and content of the files. Furthermore, StruSoft won´t guarantee full support of the API functions since they are customizable by the customer.
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