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StruXML Tekla Export Tool

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Tekla StruXML Export tool enables direct communication between Tekla and FEM-Design. The direct data transfer is solely based on Tekla Analysis Model export. The exact geometry of selected analysis model can be exported to an external file in xml format (struxml), which can be opened in FEM-Design. The proper sections and materials are assigned to struxml objects in the mapping process performed in the tool.

Key features:

  • Export selected Tekla Structure analysis model to FEM-Design.
  • The .struxml file will include the defined material and profile mapping.
  • List of transfered data: geometry of analytical model, mapped cross-section of linear members, mapped material, releases of linear members, rigid links, grids system.

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Getting started


We are working on transferring the manual into Wiki, meanwhile download the pdf version.

Guide to Tekla Export Tool

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