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Structural Analysis Model Sharing (SAF)

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2021/02/01 12:05

SAF (Structural Analysis Format) is an open-source format developed and optimized for exchanging structural analytical models between modelers and analysis software. Besides improving the collaboration between structural engineers, SAF is focusing on a practical, easy-to-use, Excel-based format that can be used in daily practise by structural engineers.

StruSoft is one of the SAF schema developers. The other supporting companies are SCIA, Graphisoft, Allplan, RISA, FRILO, InterCAD, Dlubal, Sofistik, Cype, SCAD Soft and LIRALAND.

SAF Import

Currently (FEM-Design 19.00.005), the connection is developed and optimized for importing models from Archicad. The latest Archicad 24 release can create analytical members within the load-bearing elements of BIM models and can share them via SAF files.

Import scope

FEM-Design can import the following members:

  • 1D members created with Archicad Beam and Column tools. It works for straight, curved and slanted elements.
  • Concrete and timber parametric rectangular and circular profiles, and manufactured steel profiles - thanks to name mapping done in Archicad and as an extra built-in/hidden mapping on the FEM-Design side. This mapping also works for structural materials.
  • 2D members created with Archicad Slab, Wall and simple/flat Roof tools. It works for straight, curved and slanted walls too; in the case of curved walls, Archicad exports its segmented alternative representation.
  • Structural links that correspond to Point/Line/Surface connections in FEM-Design.
  • Structural supports.



Material and Profile mapping is done by both Archicad and FEM-Design. Archicad's SAF export mapping can directly use FEM-Design materials and profiles (Catalogue) or the export can be driven by SAF translators optimized for FEM-Design and factory default Archicad templates. All useful data packages can be downloaded below.

⭳ Download FEM-Design catalogue and SAF translators for Archicad

SAF Guide

Check this online SAF guide for more information.